Flowers (Dry Soil)

Smooth Aster

Smooth aster brings welcomed colour and an important source of pollen/nectar to the late summer/fall landscape.

Purple Prairie Clover

Bright pink flowers with protruding yellow anthers are densely packed in unique cylindrical flower heads that begin flowering from the bottom up.

White Prairie Clover

Flowers are densely packed in unique cylindrical flower heads that begin flowering from the bottom up.


Often called bellflower, harebell often goes unnoticed until the nodding blue, bell-shaped flowers appear.

Prairie Dandelion

When flowering, prairie dandelion resembles the common dandelion, with its single yellow flower on a leafless stalk.

White Upland Aster

My favourite aster! White flowers with creamy centers are arranged in flat-topped clusters.

Canada Hawkweed

I like this plant because of its unique leaves, which have widely-spaced teeth or tooth-like projections along the edges and get characteristically smaller towards the top of the stem.

Black-Eyed Susan

Our native “daisy”, yellow ray petals encircle a black/brown center.

Wild Bergamot

Excellent for flavouring all kinds of foods and highly medicinal, too.


Feathery leaves and a wonderful menthol-like scent make this plant very attractive.

Tall Cinqfoil

Unique cream-coloured flowers appear in tight, but few-flowered, terminal clusters.

Heliopsis, Ox-Eye

Very similar to our true native sunflowers with three main differences.

Pink-Flowered Onion

Pink-flowered onion usualy goes unnoticed until it’s flowering because the narrow, tubular leaves blend in with surrounding grasses.

Missouri Goldenrod

A typically low-stature goldenrod of dry prairies and gravel ridges.

Shrubby Evening Primrose

A beautiful addition to dry prairie sites! Plants are short and woody with sparse yellow, four-petaled flowers.

Long-Headed Coneflower

Yellow reflexed petals subtend a long, brown, central cone at the end of long, leafless stalks.

Beautiful Sunflower

Like the other wild sunflowers, the flowers smell just like chocolate!

Blanket Flower, Gaillardia

These simple flowers are definitely head-turners, attracting the attention of both people and a range of bees.

Pasture Sage

This is my favorite Manitoba sage. The soft, feathery, dusty green leaves are very unique and attractive.

Prairie Sage

Prairie sage is more discrete, though, with its spikes of small, inconspicuous, yellow flowers that are wind-pollinated.