Useful plants are all around us. We see them every time we step out our front door…  in our gardens… in the neglected and overgrown corners of our yards… in fields, woods and wetlands.

Have you ever wondered what types of useful plants are growing on your land? Wouldn’t you just love to have someone come and show you what edible, medicinal or otherwise useful plants are within walking distance of your home or cabin?

Let Laura Reeves introduce you to your plant neighbours and you’ll discover a whole new world around you! As a botanist who’s spent over 20 years pursuing her passion for wild edibles and wilderness survival skills, Laura will take you beyond the wall of green and help you see more than just “weeds”. Catch her infectious enthusiasm as she explains plant uses, harvesting and preparation techniques, and how to become a caretaker of your land so these plants can survive and thrive for your mutual benefit.

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What people are saying…

“Our family recently purchased a large acreage of 80 acres. Some of it was used for cattle pasture in the past and the rest was original bush/forest with a couple wetland spots as well. We hired Laura Reeves to find out what plants are edible on our land. We were in  for several big surprises!
I would recommend consultation with Laura for anyone who has an interest in getting closer to nature. She is an absolute encyclopedia of knowledge yet will explain plant uses (edible/not edible/medicinal) and advice on encouraging desired plants’ spread, at your level of knowledge. She stopped to explain many things to me and repeated info for me to copy on paper as we walked along. Also of note, we had a wonderful time! Laura certainly makes learning fun!”

Connie (Giroux, MB)


The time we did a walk with you was one of the most impacting things I have done. I am grateful and would love the chance to do it again.

— Cari (Pansy, MB)