Native Plant Nursery

Prairie Shore Botanicals Native Plant Nursery


Prairie Shore Botanicals offers a variety of native prairie and woodland plants. All plants are started from seed harvested from local native species, not cultivars, and are grown peat-free with a conscious effort to reduce plastic waste

Individual plants - $6
Combinations - $10

Combinations include two species that commonly occur together in their natural environment.


Dry to Medium soils

prairie sage + gaillardia
pasture sage + shruibby evening primrose
pasture sage + gaillardia
Kalm's brome + wild bergamot
prairie dandelion + harebell
Kalm's brome + purple prairie clover
white upland aster + purple prairie clover
white upland aster + prairie dandelion
Indian grass + heliopsis
prairie dropseed + meadow blazingstar
prairie dropseed + white prairie clover
prairie dropseed + black-eyed susan
blue grama + smooth aster
blue grama + Missouri goldenrod
blue grama + gaillardia
fringed brome + smooth aster

Medium to Moist soils

swamp milkweed + Nuttall's sunflower
honewort + sweet-scented bedstraw
golden alexander + Nuttall's sunflower

Moist to Wet soils

wild mint + American water horehound
wild mint + marsh hedgenettle
wild mint + bugleweed
bugleweed + marsh hedgenettle

Note: Availability is subject to change. Pickups or dropoffs only (live plants will not be shipped.)

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