Prairie Dropseed

This fine-leaved bunch-grass forms beautiful circular clumps with the leaves radiating outward.

Canada Wild Rye

I have rarely, seen this prairie grass growing naturally in open prairie in Manitoba, despite its common use in prairie restorations.

Fringed Brome

Open, pendulous seed heads are soft and fuzzy. The lower leaves and leaf sheaths are also softly hairy.

Kalm’s Brome

One of my favourite grasses! Kalm’s brome is generally shorter than fringed brome with more compact, often reddish-tinged seed heads.

Porcupine Grass

Of all the native prairie grasses, it is probably the most fascinating in terms of seed dispersal and germination.

Blue Grama Grass

My favourite dry prairie grass! This warm-season bunchgrass has very curly leaves.