Flowers (Moist to Wet Soil)

These wildflowers are well suited to Manitoba's moist prairies and woodlands and/or prairie wetlands.

Moist soils may be subject to periodic flooding during spring melt or after heavy rains but do not remain water-logged. They are typically found in the transition zone between wetland and upland and can vary between clay, silt, loam and sand. The dominant graminoids, or grass-like plants, in these habitats are grasses (not sedges).

Wet soils are always water-logged and often subject to periods of standing water. Soils range from mineral to muck or peat and are characteristic of marshes and river edges. Species diversity is typically low. The dominant graminoids are sedges.

Marsh bellflower

An unobtrusive and delicate little wetland number.

Kalm’s Lobelia

These little treasures make native prairie explorations so rewarding.

Marsh cinquefoil

Flowers are a unique colour and the leaves are quite attractive.

Obedient plant

These moisture-loving plants are a lot of fun!

Flat-topped goldenrod

Manitoba’s only host of the Euthamia gall midge.

Closed or Bottle Gentian

Bumblebees are one of the few insects strong enough to pull the pleated petals apart to get inside.

Four-flowered Yellow Loosestrife

Ranked S2, or imperilled, in Manitoba where it reaches the northwest extent of its range.

Water Parsnip

Tall and attractive, water parsnip has delightfully fragrant flower clusters up to 5 inches across.

Seaside Arrowgrass

A very unique plant of wetland areas.

Hemp dogbane

In the fall, the leaves turn bright yellow, wonderfully complementing the red stems.

Wild Iris

Striking blue and white flowers stand out in wetlands in both prairie and woodland habitats.

Calamus, Sweet Flag, Rat Root

Calamus is known for it’s extraordinarily bitter, hot roots with potent medicinal properties.

Marsh Hedge-Nettle

Beautiful pink flower spikes and leaves with a distinctive bumpy texture.

American Water Horehound

I love the lobed leaves of this wetland mint.


Not to me mistaken for wild mint, which looks similar and often grows nearby.

Wild Mint

This is the best mint you’ll ever smell or taste!

Nuttall’s Sunflower

Late-season flowers smell exactly like chocolate and are well worth the wait.

Swamp Milkweed

Beautiful deep pink flowers with white centers emit a wonderful aroma that resembles cherry Fruit Loops!