May 12 Wild Edible Adventure

This was the most amazing spring Wild Edible Adventure to date!  Abnormal weather conditions resulted in a greater diversity of available wild edibles than usual.  Roots and tubers are usually the focus at this time of year, but wild greens were sprouting up all over the place and, true to my nature, I felt compelled to add as many as possible to the dinner menu. I knew it was a tall order, but I also had a good feeling about the group coming out  – and confidence that they would work as a team to pull it off.

They did.

After introductions over acorn squash muffins and lavender-spiked dandelion coffee, the group was briefed on plant identification and harvesting tips.  By 11:00, everyone was ready to head out and put their knowledge to action.

We gathered 14 edible plant parts from 12 different species, including:
cattail roots, cattail shoots, burdock roots, sweet cicely roots, caraway roots, dandelion roots, dandelion flowers, stinging nettle, goosefoot, lamb’s-quarters, milkweed shoots, caragana flowers, basswood leaves and stinkweed shoots.

When we got back to base camp, this eager and enthusiastic team didn’t miss a beat putting the menu items together.  I offered additional wild greens and mushrooms that I had gathered earlier.  The result was a phenomenal wild dinner that included 19 different wild edibles! Check out our menu!


Basswood, lamb’s-quarters and caragana salad (stinkweed optional)

Cattail shoots

Stinging nettle, goosefoot and fiddlehead soup

Curried chickpeas with cattail tops and lamb’s-quarters

Burdock root in vinegar sauce

Milkweed shoots (cooked)

Caraway roots (cooked)

Dandelion fritters with sweet cicely honey

Cattail pancakes with Manitoba maple syrup

Dandelion wild spearmint cake

Sweet cicely tea


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Photos taken by Cindy Balkwill Photography.


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