Kalm’s Brome

Soft, fuzzy seed heads make this one of my favourite grasses!

KALM’S BROME (Bromus kalmiii)

One of my favourite grasses! Kalm’s brome is generally shorter than fringed brome with more compact, often reddish-tinged seed heads. Even softer and fuzzier than fringed brome, it’s a joy to have around. Kalm’s brome is usually found in more open, drier sites than fringed brome.

Grows with prairie dandelion, white and purple prairie clovers, harebell, upland white goldenrod, stiff goldenrod, showy goldenrod, big bluestem, sorghastrum and prairie dropseed.

Life Cycle: perennial, cool season
Sun Exposure: full sun
Bloom Period: July
Height: 2 – 3.5 ft
Soil: medium to dry