Purple Prairie Clover

Incredibly attractive flowers and aromatic leaves.


Bright pink flowers with protruding yellow anthers are densely packed in unique cylindrical flower heads that begin flowering from the bottom up. These legumes have small, aromatic leaves with 3-5 leaflets that are narrower than those of white prairie clover. Both purple and white prairie clovers are host to a large number of insects, including various bees, wasps, butterflies, weevils, and flies. Some species of cellophane bee are specific to purple prairie clover and, in turn, are parasitized by cuckoo bees. Purple prairie clover is often found with Kalm’s brome grass, black-eyed susan, and sticky asphodel.

Flower Colour: pink
Sun Exposure: full sun
Bloom Period: July – August
Height: 1 – 1.5 ft
Soil: dry to medium