The primary larval host plant of the imperiled leadplant flower moth.

LEADPLANT (Amorpha canescens)

A common shrub of dry, sandy prairies. Leadplant is a very attractive shrub. The foliage, young stems and seeds are covered with fine white hairs giving them a dusty/woolly appearance. Long spikes of royal blue flowers are accented with orange-tipped stamens. The leaves are compound with as many as 30 leaflets. These shrubs are deep-rooted and very long lived – a three foot tall plant may be 100s of years old! Leadplant is the primary larval host plant of the leadplant flower moth, which is currently ranked S2 (imperiled) in Manitoba. The adults are known to pollinate milkweed flowers.

Grows with giant hyssop, wild bergamot, western silvery aster, white prairie clover, little bluestem, June grass, and porcupine grass.

Flower Colour: blue
Life Cycle: perennial shrub
Sun Exposure: full sun
Bloom Period: June – July
Height: 1 – 2.5 ft
Soil: dry – medium