Scarlet Paintbrush

The most striking red flower I’ve ever seen!

SCARLET PAINTBRUSH (Castilleja coccinea)

The most striking red flower I’ve ever seen! These hemi-parasitic plants usurp nutrients from neighbouring species, including June grass and other wildflowers, via special root growths called haustoria. Scarlet paintbrush is an annual or biennial species that is capable of producing its own food, but it does not survive long when grown independently. Terminal flowers are green to yellow and subtended by showy three-lobed bracts that appear to have been dipped in scarlet red paint.  Leaves are narrow and tri-lobed, resembling a bird’s foot. There are two colour variations, scarlet and yellow. Scarlet paintbrushes are the most widespread, but locally, the yellow paintbrushes are the most common.

Note: Paintbrushes are only available in combinations.

Flower Colour: yellow or scarlet red
Sun Exposure: full sun to part shade
Bloom Period: June
Height: 1 – 2 ft
Soil: moist