Glaucus White Lettuce

Not rare, but not common, either.

GLAUCUS WHITE LETTUCE (Prenanthes racemosa)

Possibly one of the coolest plants on the tall grass prairie, I’m always excited to see it.  This is one of those plants that’s not rare, but not common, either. These towering plants have tight clusters of white flowers that develop in the clasping leaf axils from the upper half of the plant. The flowers are extremely hairy but the rest of the plant is totally smooth.

Grows with stiff goldenrod, meadow blazingstar, big bluestem, Sorghastrum,  northern reed grass and bog birch.

Flower Colour: pink to white
Life Cycle: perennial
Sun Exposure: full sun
Bloom Period: August – October
Height: 1 – 4 ft
Soil: medium – moist